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Gids voor veiligheid op de werkplek

Deze gids is bedoeld om werknemers bewuster te maken van het meest voorkomende letsel op het werk, en uw organisatie te ondersteunen bij de implementatie van efficiënte procedures om het aantal bedrijfsongevallen tot nul terug te brengen. Lees de gids

Cylindrical vibration dampers

Wherever machines are at work, you have to deal with vibrations. Vibration damping mounts or (rubber) vibration dampers prevent transmission of these vibrations to surrounding structures, such as the floor or another machine. Cylindrical vibration dampers are used in all industries. They are relatively inexpensive and smooth out half the vibration in your application. They are also easy to install. Most cylindrical vibration dampers are made of natural rubber.

Are you looking for a more versatile product? Choose an industrial vibration damper in that case. These products smooth out roughly 80% of the vibrations in your application.

When do I need a vibration damper?

A (rubber) vibration damper absorbs vibrations, but does not eliminate them completely. Before applying a cylindrical vibration damper, you need to minimise the vibrations produced by your machine. You can eliminate a lot of vibration simply by replacing a worn bearing or by aligning an incorrectly positioned shaft. Then you smooth out the remaining vibrations with a vibration damper.

Cylindrical vibration dampers from ERIKS

If you want to purchase a cylindrical vibration damper from ERIKS, you need to know the weight of the equipment, the number of supports and the type of connection to your machine. Various models are offered in our range. Vibration damper type A, B and C work well with machines that are fixed to the floor. Type D and E are the right choice for free-standing equipment. All cylindrical vibration dampers with a T in the name are waisted, allowing them to move more flexibly. The sizes of the threaded studs on the products are indicated with an M. Vibration damper M12, for example, features a relatively large threaded stud.

Ordering cylindrical vibration dampers at ERIKS

What prices does ERIKS charge for cylindrical vibration dampers?

The price of our cylindrical vibration dampers is shown on the product pages. If the price is not immediately visible, it will be displayed after you have logged in.

What delivery time does ERIKS offer for cylindrical vibration dampers?

The delivery time for a specific cylindrical vibration damper is indicated on the page for that product. If you need your vibration damper faster, choose a different type that also works in your application.

What if you have trouble finding a good alternative? Let us help - contact us via the enquiry form.

Can I order custom cylindrical vibration dampers?

Are you looking for a cylindrical vibration damper of a different size, shape, colour or material? Or do you need a cylindrical vibration damper for a special application, or one that meets specific certification requirements? Please contact us via the enquiry form and we will provide the support you need.

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  • In-depth product knowledge
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  • Order all your products online
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