Articles about Bearings

A bearing is an important part of a power transmission system. The material, the lubrication and the desired service life should all be considered when choosing a bearing. Learn here how to identify the best bearing for your application.

Bearing grease: application methods

Relubricating the bearing grease is of great importance to ensure the longevity of your ball- and roller bearings. Bearing grease provides a smooth process with as little friction as possible.

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Guide to mechanical power transmission

Machines and machine parts are moved through a drive, also called transporters or transmissions. In this guide we will further explain what mechanical drives are and what type you should use for your applications.

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Engineering basics: Guide to bearings

The purpose of this guide is to help you get familiar with the most common types of bearings, their design particularities and operating mode. You will also learn about the way they handle forces, the proper installation and maintenance procedures and the most frequent problems that cause bearing failure.

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Choose the right bearing

How to choose the right bearing

Choosing the right type of bearing during the design stage is crucial to ensure that your machine works safely, consistently and efficiently.

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Bearings mounting guide: methods and tools

Improper handling or incorrect mounting and dismounting can damage the elements of a bearing, causing excessive noise and vibration levels, and affecting the bearing rotation. Learn how to mount bearings correctly, using the right tools.

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How to use oil seals with bearings

Is your oil seal ready for replacement? When replacing, pay attention to the material choice, because it depends on your application. Read here for more info.

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Bearing clearance: everything you need to know

After the type of bearing, you choose the bearing with the right load direction, depending on the type of application. In the end you choose the correct C code for the bearing, which indicates the degree of internal bearing clearance.

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Decoding rolling-element bearing numbers

With bearings being used across such a wide range of industries and applications, you would expect their design to be fully standardized and to have to comply to very strict international regulations. However, only a part of a bearing’s designation is currently regulated by international standards.

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