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Cylindrical roller bearings come in many shapes and sizes. The most common cylindrical roller bearings are the single row roller bearings with cage. These cylindrical roller bearings with cage are suitable for heavy radial loads and high speeds. Single row roller bearings and double row bearings (without cage) complete the standard range for general mechanical engineering.

The cylinder rollers are an important part of cylindrical roller bearings. The profile determines the optimum distribution of stress in the contact areas of the bearing. The surface maximises the formation of lubricant and optimises the movement of the rollers. The advantage in comparison with traditional designs is that the operational reliability is improved, as is the insensitivity to misalignment.

In the case of a single row cylindrical bearing, the rollers are still guided between the flanges on one of the rings. These open flanges combined with the specially designed and treated surfaces of the roller ends ensure improved lubrication, reduced friction and therefore a lower temperature.

The ring with the integral flanges together with the cylindrical bearing can be separated from the other ring. This results in easy installation and removal, particularly where the load is such that a press fit is necessary for both rings. They are manufactured in different designs with the major difference being the configuration of the flanges. The most popular are the NU, N, NJ and NUP designs.