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Linear guides are systems with the option of direct installation. Usually unlimited stroke lengths. The bearings can absorb forces from all directions, except from the direction of movement. In addition, they absorb torques on all shafts. Shaft guides with linear ball bearings are suitable for loads from two directions. They can also compensate for static misalignments of the shaft. To achieve high rigidity and precision, most units have generally already been prestressed ex works. It is also possible for them to be prestressed during installation. Thanks to different accuracy and prestressing classes, applications with high requirements for accuracy and positioning can also be implemented without any difficulty.

To determine the size of the guide, the extent and nature of the load must first be determined; this also applies to the requirements for the useful life and reliability. In general, guides with rollers of comparable dimensions can be subjected to higher loads than ball-based guides. Ball guides are usually used for low to medium loads and high dynamic movements, and roller guides for high loads. If very high loads need to be absorbed, circulating needle cage and roller guides in particular are appropriate linear bearings.