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There are two types of needle bearing. There are needle bearings with ribs and needle bearings without ribs. Needle bearings without ribs are single or double row assemblies. These assemblies consist of solid outer rings without ribs, removable inner rings or needle cylinders. Needle bearings with ribs are single or double row assemblies fitted with solid outer rings with ribs, needle cylinders and removable inner rings. These are available as both open and sealed versions. Needle bearings without ribs are fully removable. This allows the outer ring, needle cylinder and inner ring to be mounted separately.

Adjustable needle bearings can be easily inserted, do not need to be fixed axially and consist of drawn sheet steel outer sleeves, concave plastic support rings, a ball-shaped inside diameter, outer rings with a spherical shell, removable inner rings and needle cylinders. There are also combined needle bearings. These needle bearings are assemblies of radial needle bearings with a split roller bearing that can support axial loads.