Spherical Roller Bearings (35 products containing 7018 Items)

Spherical bearings are self-aligning bearings. This prevents misalignment of the shaft and ensures that the shaft does not need to be adjusted. Spherical bearings are also less sensitive to deflection or bending of the shaft. As spherical bearings have a combination of design features, they are indispensable in many demanding applications. Spherical bearings are also called self-aligning roller bearings. They have two rollers and a common spherical race. This spherical race is located in the outer ring. An advantage of spherical bearings is that they are not only able to absorb high radial loads, but also axial loads in both directions. The current range of spherical bearings includes a wide range of sizes from various ISO dimension series and also includes special versions, for example for sifters and other related applications.