ECON Butterfly valve fig. 6721 nodular cast iron/aluminium bronze/NBR wafer type lever PN16 DN100

Type: 6721

ERIKS item #:     13410101

Econosto item #: 731078

Product features    

Attribute     Value    
Housing material Cast iron, nodular
Material quality EN-JS1030
Valve design Centric
Nominal inner diameter DN 100
Connections Wafer type
Valve butterfly material Aluminium bronze
Quality class disc CC333G
Pressure rating PN 16
Seat material NBR
Figure number ERIKS groep 6721
Norm EN (DIN)
Standard construction length EN 558, Series 20
Built-in length (mm) 52
Pressure rating flange PN 6/10/16 and Class 150
Operation Squeeze handle
Actuator material EN-JS1030
Housing lining Replaceable
Top flange standard ISO 5211 Direct Mount
Flange attachment F05/F07
Surface protection Epoxy coating (in- and external)
Spindle material Stainless steel
Qualitiy class spindle 1.4006