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Cordless strapping tool manual OR-T83X

ERIKS item #:     23862004

Catalogue item no 1: 23186603

Catalogue item no 2: 3044.1060

EAN:     4030198171257

Manufacturer partnumber: 17125

Price (Per piece):
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Battery-operated strapping device, semi-automatic, without sleeves - with friction weld joint

•     Cost-effective alternatives
Manual tape tensioning using brute force.
Friction weld joint via battery operation.
Mechanical cutting of the tape, without battery.
•    Easy handling
Robust, lightweight construction.
Low weight makes work easier and makes it easy to transport device from one packing station to another.
•     Soon ready for use
Battery charge time just approx. 12 min.
One battery charge sufficient for approx. 250 strappings, depending on the tape.
Suitable for approx. 10-19 mm wide and 0.40-0.90 mm thick polypropylene and polyester tapes.
Area of use: rectangular, light, heavy packages/ strapping tape: PP strapping tape, 10–16 mm wide