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On this page you will find a number of instructional videos and a summary of the most important functionalities to learn more about the webshop. We are looking forward to your online order!

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View the instructional videos and learn more about the possibilities of our webshop!

1. How do I create an account?
2. How do I find the product that I am looking for?

3. How do I place an order and re-order an older purchase?
4. How can I view my order status and order history?

5. How do I create and use an order list?

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Functionalities of the ERIKS online shop

Below you can read a summary of the most important functionalities you can access with a customer account. Click on the titel of the functionality to get more information


Centralized Document Management

Access and download certificates, order confirmations and more all in one place


User-friendly interface

Find your orders effortlessly with our

advanced filters


Efficient approval Proces

Swift approval journey, tailored for one- and multi-level approvals


Real-Time Ordertracking

Easily track your online and offline orders with up-to-date information

Quick order

Enter item numbers, upload order lists or place an order

Order history and order status

View the current order status and the complete order history, including your offline orders

Barcode scanning

Simply scan the corresponding barcodes and the order list is automatically generated according to your specifications

General price lists

You can download a list that contains product information and prices of all items per category range at the time of publication

Order all products online

Find all products outside the standard webshop range with the NCOE functionality


Customer Item Reference Number

This functionality allows you to link

your own part numbers to ERIKS item numbers


Not yet an ERIKS online customer?

Create an account now, see product prices immediately and place your order.

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