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Single row cylindrical roller bearings with cage consist of a solid outer and inner ring with cylindrical rollers in a cage in between. It is possible for the outer rings to have ribs or to be smooth. The inner rings have one or two ribs or, just like the outer rings, can also be smooth. Depending on whether the bearings have ribs, cylindrical bearings can be used as floating bearings, support bearings or fixed bearings. The cage that is located between the cylindrical rollers ensures that the rollers do not come into contact with each other. Thanks to the cage, cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for higher speeds than full-complement bearings. In addition, cylindrical roller bearings are very rigid and can support high radial loads. If bearings have the suffix E, this means that they have a set of reinforced rollers. This design is intended for maximum load capacity. It is possible to install inner and outer rings separately, which allows easy installation and removal. Inner and outer rings can have a fixed fit, without this making installation difficult.

Low-friction cylindrical roller bearings correspond to sizes set 23 in terms of their dimensions and are single row bearings. The bearings are fitted with solid outer rings with two ribs. The inner rings of cylindrical roller bearings have one rib. In addition, the inner ring is removable, allowing the bearing to be installed easily. A disc-shaped cage or spacers prevent cylindrical rollers from coming into contact with each other. As a result, the friction is low and the bearings are also suitable for high speeds.

Super-precision cylindrical roller bearings are double row precision bearings that are suitable for use in machine tools. They allow bearing rings of main spindles in a radial direction that are very rigid and extremely accurate. These bearings, consisting of an outer ring, inner ring with ribs, and two rows of cylindrical rollers, are guided by solid brass cages. To allow an optimum adjustment of the radial bearing clearance, the inner ring has a tapered bore (cone 1:12). It is possible to separate the bearings; this allows easy installation and removal. As a result, both bearing rings can have a fixed fit.

There are also full-complement cylindrical roller bearings, consisting of a solid outer and inner ring. Between this solid outer and inner ring, there are cylindrical rollers that are guided between the ribs of the rings. These bearings can support very high radial loads thanks to the maximum number of rollers. In addition, the bearings are extremely rigid and particularly suitable for compact constructions. Full-complement cylindrical roller bearings can be single row or double row bearings and are available as floating bearings, fixed bearings and support bearings. Full-complement bearings cannot achieve the speed that is possible for cylindrical roller bearings with cage. This is due to the kinematic ratios. In addition to full-complement cylindrical roller bearings, there are also full-complement cylindrical roller bearings with locking ring grooves. These are double row bearings and fixed bearings. These are very rigid bearings and, in addition to high radial forces, they can also absorb axial forces in both directions. The outer and inner ring are solid and have ribs. The cylindrical rollers are guided between the ribs. The bearings have sealing rings on both sides. There are grooves in the outer ring of the bearing. These are suitable for installing locking rings. The inner ring is 1 mm wider and is axially split. The parts are held together by a strip of rolled steel.