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Ball Bearing Housings and Accessories (83 products containing 2450 Items)

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Bearing housings form a unit together with matching bearings. These formed units have proved their worth countless times in machines and installations. The main material used to make bearing housings is grey cast iron. Where there is a need for it, bearing housings can be made from cast steel or nodular cast iron on request. In the bearing housing, the bearing seats are generally machined in such a way that the bearings can move and therefore act as floating bearings. Fixed bearing rings can be obtained by adding retaining rings. These retaining rings must be ordered separately.

All non-cutting outer surfaces of bearing housings and housing parts are given a universal coat of paint. This coat of paint can be painted over with all resin, acrylic, polyurethane, chlorinated rubber, epoxy resin and acid-hardening hammer finish paints. The corrosion protection layer on the machined inner and outer surfaces is easy to remove.

Contact seals, contactless seals and combinations thereof are available for sealing bearing housings, depending on the operating conditions. Bearing housings can be used together with self-aligning bearings, such as spherical bearings, double row ball bearings and a split spherical bearing. ERIKS also has a complete range of split cylindrical bearing blocks and split tapered bearing blocks. We supply these ranges under the brand names REVOLVO & COOPER. In the case of REVOLVO & COOPER bearings, both the bearing housing and the bearing and seals are split, allowing them to be mounted on longer shafts very easily. These split versions are mostly used in marine and offshore applications, but have also established themselves in general mechanical engineering and wherever standard sealing fails due to misalignment.