FORMAT Long lever lashing strap 10m, 50mm 5t, P-hooks

ERIKS item #:     12970533

Catalogue item no 1: 3060.4671

EAN:     4317784537711

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5000 Long handle ratchet lashing strap, with RP hook

•     Galvanised tension ratchet and manual lever safety
Low wear and tear, permanently sturdy. The flat design allows for work in
tight spaces.
Long tension lever (approx. 325 mm) and optimum transmission (20 ratchet teeth).
•    Professional quality
Highly stretched polyester fibre, chafing and abrasion proof.
Band width 50 mm with low elongation and traction strength
and galvanised hook.
•     Authorised traction
Direct: 2500 daN.
Strapping: 5000 daN.
STF (Standard Tension Force): 600 daN.

Product features    

Attribute     Value    
Length (m) 10
Width (mm) 50