HUVEMA Aluminium saw TL 500 AA - 400V 4 kW

ERIKS item #:     11961173

EAN:     8718242078986

Manufacturer partnumber: 16876

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Aluminium sawing machine for frequent (continuous) use. The machine's pneumatic control enables it to saw automatically, with the addition of standard horizontal pneumatic clamps, again ideal for very flexible workshop and production use. The sawing machine has an oil nebuliser for better sawing results. The saw feed is adjustable, and the machine is supplied complete with a 500mm TCT saw blade, and an air gun.

Product features    

Attribute     Value    
Rated power (kW) 4
Rotational speed (rpm) 3,000
Sawing capacity 45° rectangular (mm) 145 x 120
Sawing capacity 45° round (mm) 140
Sawing capacity 45° square (mm) 120
Sawing capacity 90° rectangular (mm) 300 x 125
Sawing capacity 90° round (mm) 170
Sawing capacity 90° square (mm) 150
Stroke length (mm) 500
Saw blade diameter (mm) 500 x 50
Packaging (mm) 1200 x 1100 x 1500
Weight (kg) 480
Connection voltage (V) 400