HUVEMA Bandsaw machine BMSO 325 C - 400V 2,2KW

ERIKS item #:     12432127

EAN:     8718242080286

Manufacturer partnumber: 16476

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Fully automatic band saw for cutting solid material, tubes and profiles of steel, cast-iron, light and non ferrous materials, at 90°. Entirely made of steel. The rear jaw of the hydraulic vice has a number of hardened rollers that are turned by an electric motor. The front jaw consist of a number of free running rollers. Once the work piece is clamped between the rollers no further clamping is needed. The material is fed through the vice to the material stop which contains a micro-switch controlling the feed motor. A counter controls the number of cuts. Should the blade brake the machines stop automatically. The machines are fitted with an integrated coolant pump with a removable coolant tank, which supplies coolant to both guide assemblies.

Product features    

Attribute     Value    
Rated power (kW) 2.2
Cooling performance min/max (kW) 0.12
Hydraulic motor (kW) 0.55
Sawing speed (m/min) 20 - 100
Saw-blade length (mm) 4160 x 34 x 1,1
Sawing capacity 90° rectangular (mm) 350 x 325
Sawing capacity 90° round (mm) 325
Sawing capacity 90° square (mm) 325
Weight (kg) 1030
Connection voltage (V) 400
Max. dimension of fixed parts (mm) 2450 x 900 x 1500
Working height (mm) 580