E-COLL EU coolant spray 400ml

ERIKS item #:     12532700

Catalogue item no 1: 3060.8994

Catalogue item no 2: 98010400

EAN:     4317784179614

Manufacturer partnumber: 4317784179614

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Freeze spray

•     Product description
Universal usage for repair purposes and troubleshooting in all industries (production and repairs, automotive).
Metal construction components can be fitted in confined spaces (ball bearings, sockets, chain links, shafts etc.).
Ideal for machines, apparatus, conveyor belts and cooling automotive parts.
Quick troubleshooting in electrical circuits due to thermal overload with localised cooling.
Suitable for use in the medical sector for preparing tissue samples for microscopy.
•     Application areas
For swift prevention of heat damage when soldering electronic components.
For shrinking internal parts for disassembling, seized stopcocks, bolts, bungs or bearing sleeves.
For short-term temperature setting in workpiece testing.
For hardening tissue sections in medical examinations.
•     Technical characteristics
Localised cooling to –45 °C.

Product features    

Attribute     Value    
Volume (ml) 400