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Conical Clamping Bushes (Taper Bush) (40 products containing 527 Items)

Conical clamping bushes (also called taper bushes or taperlock bushes) are used in combination with the corresponding standard taperlock toothed belt pulleys, taperlock sprockets and taperlock V-belt pulleys. These pulleys are equipped as standard with a conical bore and threaded holes to fasten the bush to the shaft. Taperlock bushes are available with various bore holes and key ways in metric and imperial sizes; the matching (socket head) screws also come with the bushes.

With clamping bushes, a bush or ferrule is clamped between the shaft and hub (disc) with a prescribed torque, resulting in a connection that has high rotational accuracy while being free of play. Other advantages of clamping bushes are that they are very easy to both install and remove, and fitting them does not result in axial alignment errors.

There is a suitable clamping bush available for every application. Which type of clamping bush is most suitable for a specific situation is primarily determined by whether an application requires high or low torque. This also depends on whether the clamping bush has to be self-centring or not. Clamping bushes also present an ideal solution for applications that require a high torque to be transferred via a small diameter.

Clamping bushes are usually made from steel or cast iron. Clamping bushes are also available in other materials such as stainless steel if this is required due to environmental conditions. Additionally, clamping bushes can be nickel plated or subjected to another form of surface treatment. This option is often used if the clamping bush needs to be resistant to moisture, rust formation or other (aggressive) conditions.

Clamping bushes can also be used in any application that requires a drive pulley. As a result, clamping bushes can generally be found in every industry: (petro)chemicals, the food and drug industries, mechanical engineering, naval applications, agriculture and forestry as well as fisheries, for example.