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This product group consists of all types of sprockets for roller chains and flat-top chains. Sprockets are generally available in simplex, duplex and triplex versions, with any inside dimension and in accordance with the BS, ANSI and ASA standards. In addition to the standard pre-drilled design (disc wheel), sprockets for roller chains are also available in a clamping bush design (also known as taper or taperlock). There are also sprockets that already have a bore hole (H7 tolerance), key way and threaded hole.

Standard versions of sprockets are made from (possibly hardened) steel or cast iron, but are also available on request in stainless steel, plastic and as versions with a galvanized or otherwise treated surface.

Flat-top chain sprockets are available for all System Plast chains and are often made from polyamide. In addition to the standard variants, sprockets can also be manufactured according to customer specifications or based on drawings.

Choosing a specific design or quality largely depends on the application and the ambient conditions. If the drive needs to fulfil conveying purposes, the type and weight of the product being conveyed are also a key factor. For environments in which the drive is exposed to moisture, sprockets can have a special surface treatment and can be supplied in stainless steel or plastic.

A tensioning mechanism is required in conjunction with any chain drive. A roller chain is generally tensioned using a chain tensioner or a chain tensioning pulley. A good chain tensioner counteracts ageing and wear of the chain while also enabling stable chain circulation. You can find chain tensioners and chain tensioning pulleys in our webshop in the "chains" category.

Chain drives are primarily used in the foodstuffs and drug industries, in the agricultural and forestry sector, in the fishing industry, in mechanical engineering and in maritime applications.

Important standards for chain drives: ISO 1977, ISO 606, ISO 1275, DIN 8167, DIN 8181, DIN 8188, DIN 8187 and BS 228.