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Thermoweldable conveyor belts (14 products containing 68 Items)


Flat belts are used to transport goods internally; for example, to move a semi-finished product or a finished product to a different location within the production process. The big advantage of flat belts is that they are available in whatever length is desired. As standard, these (finite) belts come in rolls, and can then be cut and welded to the required length.

Flat belts are available in different colours (or transparent), strengths and hardness grades (specified in shore units, Sh A). There are also various surface structures, different cover materials and fitted cleats. The right conveyor belt is frequently determined by its friction coefficient. The welding of these belts is somewhat more complex than the welding of round and V-belts made of PU and is therefore usually left to the supplier.

Flat belts are primarily used in the packaging, food and beverage industries.

From a hygiene point of view, it is particularly important in the food and beverage industries that the products used meet FDA guidelines. The European regulation EC1935/2004 is also of importance in these industries.