ECON Mud box fig. 1187 cast iron/stainless steel 8mm PN10 DN80

Type: 1187

ERIKS item #:     11812027

EAN:     8716901036650

Manufacturer partnumber: 495808

IMPA #: 872068

Product features    

Attribute     Value    
Type of article Mud box strainer
Figure number ERIKS groep 1187
Housing material Cast iron
Nominal inner diameter DN 80
Shape Straight
Material quality EN-JL1040
Pressure rating PN 4
Connection Flange
Pressure rating flange PN 10
Surface protection Coated
Material bonnet EN-JL1040
Drainage connection Yes
Fluid drain plug Brass
Sealing NBR
Material basket nut Brass
Filter element material Stainless steel
Mesh width of filter element (mm) 8
Built-in length (mm) 310

Product documents

Document type Document type
Product Manual Operation and installation manual  (PDF)