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Outstanding O-rings; the importance of USP Class VI

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O-rings with the USP Class VI certification are an essential part of several industries dealing with public health like the medical and pharmaceutical industry. This certification assesses the biocompatibility of elastomers, plastics and polymers in order to ensure the quality of medicine among other things.

Our expert Marieke Beijers will inform you on what you need to know about USP Class VI and help you make the right choice.

USP Class VI

The “United States Pharmacopeia” (USP) is an independent organisation that has created standards to safeguard the quality of medicine and other healthcare technologies with the objective to improve public health. USP Class VI compounds must be made of ingredients with a proven biocompatibility that meet strict requirements for leachates. USP Class tests are therefore usually applied to plastic materials that come in contact with injectable fluids.

To prevent an O-ring from causing damage to public health, multiple tests are carried out in accordance with several guidelines. Rubber material, for example, is tested extensively on human tissue to record its reaction to the material. In addition, the material is also tested on its toxicity and exposure to certain temperatures.

The importance of these tests is to guarantee the safety of those coming in contact with the tested material like patients who are being given injections or put on a drip. USP Class VI is therefore becoming an increasingly important requirement for end users within the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

USP Class VI compounds are used especially, within medical and pharmaceutical industries, in appliances such as: sterilisation equipment, autoclaves and medical and diagnostic instruments.

O-ring assortiment

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The ERIKS O-rings

When biocompatibility is of great importance for your application, we would like to recommend you to choose an O-ring that complies with the USP Class VI standard. ERIKS offers the opportunity to order O-rings in different compounds that have been tested and certified in accordance with USP Class VI standards.

We currently have the following O-rings available on our webshop:

O-ring EPDM 559273

EPDM 559271 has been specifically designed for pharmaceutical applications and has been made of first-rate EPDM material.

Click here for the assortment.

O-ring EPDM 55985

EPDM 55985 has been specifically designed for drinking water applications and is also perfectly suitable for the food- and water industry. This O-ring has also been made of first-rate EPDM material.

Click here for the assortment.

We are able to deliver a great variety of sizes of the EPDM O-rings directly from our supply chain. Click on the different O-rings for their current availability.

Additionally, we are also able to deliver these O-rings:

O-Ring Silicone 714703

This O-ring has been made of silicone and has a transparent colour. It has a hardness of 70 ShA.

O-Ring Viton 514701

This O-ring is part of the brand Viton® and is made of a qualititative Fluorelastomer in a black colour. It has a hardness of 75 ShA.

If you would like to know more about the availability of the O-rings described above, please contact us through our contact details described below.

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