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Rubber profiles

Rubber profiles lend themselves to many different purposes. The three main categories are sealing profiles (such as lip seals and glazing beads), impact protection profiles and edge protector profiles. Each type is available in different materials and can be used for multiple applications. Some profiles are self-adhesive.

Rubber profile shapes

You choose a shape depending on your application and the corresponding installation dimensions. The rubber profiles offered in our online shop include D profiles, triangular profiles, E profiles, groove profiles, H profiles, rectangular/square profiles, hollow profiles, edge protector profiles, L profiles, hatch profiles, P profiles, T profiles and U profiles. Furthermore, you can order rubber profiles by the metre from us. Are you looking for a rubber seal with a round shape? Choose one of our rubber O-ring profiles or rubber cord.

Rubber profiles sizes

Our range includes many rubber profiles in standard sizes. But what if you can't find the circumference or size you need? ERIKS can make custom sealing profiles, impact protection profiles and edge protection profiles for you. For custom products, please contact us via the enquiry form.

Materials for rubber profiles

We produce our rubber profiles in a variety of materials, such as EPDM, TPE, CR, VMQ and PVC. You need to ensure that the material used for your rubber edge profile, protector profile or clamping profile does not react adversely to the conditions in your application. So you should always consider the environment to which the product will be exposed. The summary below provides concise information about the most popular materials and their properties.

  • EPDM - >Most rubber profiles are made of EPDM. All these products can withstand low temperatures (down to -50°C) and are resistant to UV radiation and ageing. Some compounds are also resistant to higher temperatures (up to +150°C). EPDM is often used for outdoor applications because it is resistant to ozone and UV radiation.

  • TPE - TPE is a modern and environmentally friendly variant of EPDM. This material is recyclable. In addition, it is available in numerous different colours upon request.

  • CR - Neoprene, or CR, is an all-round material. It is suitable for outdoor applications that come into contact with oil.

  • VMQ - VMQ is widely known as silicone and is very flexible. The advantage of VMQ is that it can withstand both low (-60°C) and high (+200°C) temperatures. As a result, it is widely used in systems with large temperature fluctuations.

  • PVC - Unlike the above materials, PVC is not a rubber, but a type of plastic. It is less expensive because of this. This material is mainly used in clamping profiles. PVC has a good resistance to chemicals. It is not suitable for temperatures higher than +70°C.

Ordering rubber profiles at ERIKS

What prices does ERIKS charge for the rubber profiles?

The price of our rubber profiles can be found on the product pages. If the price is not immediately visible, it will be displayed after you have logged in.

What delivery time does ERIKS offer for the rubber profiles?

The delivery time for a specific rubber profile is indicated on the page for that product. If you need your rubber profile faster, choose a different model that also works in your application.

What if you have trouble finding a good alternative? Let us help - contact us via the enquiry form.

Can I order custom rubber profiles?

Are you looking for a rubber profile of a different size, shape, colour or material? Or do you need a rubber profile for a special application, or one that meets specific certification requirements? Please contact us via the enquiry form and we will provide the support you need.