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Gland packing

Gland packing, also known as gland packing seals, are used as shaft seals in various industries, such as chemicals, petrochemicals and the food sector. There are two types of gland packing seal:

  • Pump shaft seals, which you use to seal rotating shafts or plunger pumps;
  • Spindle seals, which you use to seal the spindle of a valve.

Gland packing seals need lubrication. When purchasing a gland packing product, you should consider the seal's shape and size, and the material used for the product.

Types of gland packing

ERIKS offers different types of gland packing seal. Both the pump packing seals and the spindle seals are available in rolls, allowing you to make up the right seal for your application, and as custom-made rings.

Having a roll of the required product in stock is always useful. This means that you can immediately make a new gland packing seal in the required size whenever you need to. When fitting the rings, always make sure that the joints of each ring are staggered; this helps keep your gland packing seal properly located. Do you know the dimensions of your application and are you looking for a really robust product? Then choose a HAMAR gland packing seal from our range.

Gland packing dimensions

The dimensions shown for gland packing seals are metric sizes. Always consider the shaft diameter, the cross section of the cord and the space between the shaft and the stuffing box chamber. If you know these sizes, you can use the gland packing cutter to cut the material to the right size for the different rings.

Gland packing materials

Different materials are used to make gland packing seals. These materials can be grouped in three main categories: natural yarns, semi-synthetic yarns and synthetic yarns.

It is important to ensure that the material used for your packing seal does not react inappropriately to the conditions of your application. So you should always consider the medium, the temperature, the pressure and the speed of rotation. A brief overview of the three main materials and their general properties is included below.

  • Natural yarns (organic yarns)

The natural yarns include ramie, flax (linen), jute, hemp and cotton. The braided packing seal products made from these materials are relatively inexpensive. They are also resilient and there is little chance of shaft (bushing) wear. On the other hand, natural yarns can only withstand a narrow range of temperatures. Their chemical resistance is also limited.

  • Semi-synthetic yarns (organic synthetic yarns)

The semi-synthetic yarns include gland packing seal products made from graphite (ERI-GRAPHITE), carbon (ERI-CARBON), glass and silicate. These materials can withstand a wide range of temperatures and offer good chemical resistance in general. They are often very expensive and only able to withstand moderate pressures.

  • Synthetic yarns (non-organic synthetic yarns)

The synthetic yarns include PTFE, PTFE/graphite, aramid and PAN/acrylic. These materials are generally resistant to high temperatures and strong chemicals. PTFE is not mechanically strong. With aramid, there is a chance of shaft (bushing) wear and hydrolysis.

Would you like more information about the chemical resistance of the specific materials? Please refer to our Chemical Resistance Guide.

Ordering gland packings at ERIKS

Are fitting instructions provided when I purchase a gland packing product from ERIKS?

When fitting your gland packing product, you must comply with our installation instructions. This ensures that your application will continue to work properly. Having a gland packing tamper tool (for fitting) and a gland packing extractor (for removal) available on site is always useful.

What prices does ERIKS charge for gland packing products?

The price of our HAMAR gland packing products is shown on the product pages. If the price is not immediately visible, it will be displayed after you have logged in.

What delivery times does ERIKS offer for gland packing products?

The delivery time for a specific gland packing product is indicated on the page for that product. If you require a product more quickly, choose a different material that also works in your application.

If you need help finding a good alternative, please contact us via the enquiry form.

Can I order custom gland packing seals?

Are you looking for a gland packing seal of a different size, shape, colour or material? Let us help - contact us via the enquiry form.