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Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder seals

To ensure that your hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders function optimally, you must use the right seals. Doing so prevents oil from leaking into your application and also extends the life of the system. You can come to us for wiper seals, bonded seals, piston (cup) seals, rod seals, guides and rotary seals.

Wiper seals

A wiper seal, also known as a scraper seal, protects a hydraulic cylinder from outside dirt. This keeps the underlying components, such as guides and rod seals, clean and prevents wear and damage. These hydraulic cylinder seals are available in various single-action or double-action models as well as in different metric sizes. You also have a choice of various materials, such as NBR, FKM, polyurethane, PTFE, rubber fabric and brass.

Bonded seals

You use a bonded seal, also known as a multiseal, to seal static bolt heads, threaded couplings, flange connections and nuts in various industries. These seals are ideal for high-pressure applications. When you want to purchase a bonded seal for your hydraulic cylinder, you must consider the shape, dimensions and materials you need. Our range includes multiseals without and with a centring ring. The standard with which your bonded seal must comply is always the same as that for the bolt, screw, flange or nut you want to seal. Furthermore, these products always consist of a rubber inner ring (FKM or NBR) and a metal outer ring (stainless steel or mild steel). All combinations are possible.

Piston (cup) seals

Piston (cup) seals keep the pressure in your pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder high to ensure that the piston moves. This product also keeps oil from leaking. Here again, you can choose from different models. The size you need depends on the dimensions of the hydraulic piston. The materials used for these hydraulic cylinder seals are NBR, FKM, polyurethane, PTFE and rubber fabric.

Rod seals

You use a rod seal to create a seal at the surface of the rod in your hydraulic cylinder. When you want to purchase this type of seal, you must consider the shape and metric dimensions of your application. These seals for hydraulics are available in NBR and FKM. NBR can be used in standard systems; FKM is the material you should use when high temperatures are involved.


Guides are also important components for your hydraulic cylinder. They prevent metal-to-metal contact in your application. If you don't use a guide, the materials can rub abrasively against each other, causing damage. A guide also ensures that the piston and rod remain neatly centred. Our guides are available as pre-formed rings or can be made up from a length of POM, PTFE or rubber fabric guide tape.

Rotary (radial shaft) seals

If your hydraulic cylinder rotates or swivels slowly, we recommend the use of rotary seals. These hydraulic cylinder seals are specifically designed for systems running at extremely high pressures. They are available in various shapes and in a range of metric sizes. The rotary seals consist of PTFE in combination with rubber (NBR) or a rubber fabric.

Ordering hydraulic and pneumatic seals at ERIKS

Which hydraulic and pneumatic seals does ERIKS offer?

At ERIKS, you can find all the hydraulic and pneumatic seals you need for your application. In our online shop, you can choose from our ranges of wiper seals, bonded seals, piston (cup) seals, rod seals, guides and rotary (radial shaft) seals.

What prices does ERIKS charge for the hydraulic and pneumatic seals?

The price of our seals for hydraulic and pneumatic applications is shown on the product pages. If the price is not immediately visible, it will be displayed after you have logged in.

What delivery time does ERIKS offer for the hydraulic and pneumatic seals?

The delivery time for a specific seal is indicated on the page for that product. If you require a product more quickly, we advise you to choose a suitable alternative. You have two options:

  • Choose a different material that also works in your application.
  • Use our quick-supply solutions, such as the SealXpress service.
If you need help finding a good alternative, please contact us via the enquiry form.

Can I order custom hydraulic seals and pneumatic seals?

Are you looking for a seal of a different size, shape, colour or material? Let us help - contact us via the enquiry form.