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Tools for seals

There are various tools for assembling and fitting seals. ERIKS offers you various tools for installing O-rings and gland packing seals in your application. You can also find general supplies and maintenance products here.

O-ring tools

The most popular tools for installing O-rings are listed below.

  • O-ring pick

You can easily install a new O-ring with an O-ring pick. The narrow and curved tool head allows you to reach spots that are located deep in the application. This tool allows you to work more carefully than if you were to tackle the job by hand. Do you need multiple O-ring picks? Choose one of our assembly kits if you do.

  • Pi Tape

You use the Pi Tape from ERIKS to determine the inside diameter of an O-ring. Useful, as you can measure the exact size you need for your application. The tape has two scales; metric on one side and the AS sizes on the other side.

  • Circometer tape

A circometer tape is used to determine the circumference and diameter of an O-ring. It helps you quickly identify which size is right for your application. The measurement scale on a circometer tape is accurate to within 0.1 mm.

  • O-ring kit

If you have an O-ring kit to hand, you can make a new seal for static applications at any time. The Loctite O-ring kit, for example, contains 5 different sizes of nitrile rubber cord, a splicing jig, a safety knife and glue.

Gland packing seal tools

The tools you need for installing gland packing seals are listed below.

  • Packing seal cutter

If you have a roll of packing seal material available, you need a cutting device to remove the right length. Do you know what size your gland packing needs to be? If so lay the cord along the measuring cursor and cut off the length you require.

  • Packing extractor

If you want to replace an old gland packing seal, a packing extractor is a helpful tool. You screw it into the seal in your application. Then you simply pull out the gland packing seal, to create space for a new seal.

  • Gland packing tamper

If you want to install a new gland packing seal in your application, a packing tamper is a useful tool. The curved tip allows you to gently ease the seal into the right place and tamp it down.

Ordering tools for seals at ERIKS

What tools does ERIKS offer for seals?

ERIKS offers various tools for fitting seals. For example, our range includes O-ring pickers, Pi Tape, circometer tapes and O-ring kits. You can also find packing seal cutters, extractors and tampers in this section.

What prices does ERIKS charge for seal fitting and removal tools?

The price of our tools is shown on the product pages. If the price is not immediately visible, it will be displayed after you have logged in.

What delivery times does ERIKS offer for tools?

The delivery time for a specific tool or instrument seal is indicated on the page for that product. If you require a product more quickly, please contact us via the enquiry form.