FORMAT Diam. Needle File Flat Hd 140mm

ERIKS item #:     23116421

Catalogue item no 1: 66550005

Catalogue item no 2: 23116421

EAN:     4317784118361

Manufacturer partnumber: 4317784118361

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Design: Galvanically bonded in hard chrome plated precision design. Total length 140 mm, diamond facing length 70 mm, shaft Ø 3 mm. Original Swiss basic body made ??of ground and forged special file steel. Universal granulation size D 126 medium (according to the FEPA standard).

Application: For precise (re) processing workpieces/tools (e.g., punching, cutting and pressing tools) in machine and mould. In addition, for deburring and machining of FRP and related materials made of HM and ceramics pre- and finished sintered, graphite, ferrite, cast iron, HSS etc.

Product features    

Attribute     Value    
Type Files
Shape Rectangular
Model D126
Length (mm) 140
Width (mm) 5.2
Thickness (mm) 1.6