FORMAT Nyl.-Faced Hamm. Rec Oil Free 5mm

ERIKS item #:     23075865

Catalogue item no 1: 68250050

Catalogue item no 2: 23075865

EAN:     4317784094290

Manufacturer partnumber: 4317784094290

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Design: Hammer bodies made of steel, kickback free through ball filling. Both the impact heads made ??of cadmium-free nylon as well as the handle are interchangeable. With painted hickory handle.

Application: For targeted, precisely dosed strokes in tooling, machine and gear industries.

Note: For replacement impact head see (Order No. 6830), replacement handle see (Order No. 6829).

Product features    

Attribute     Value    
Weight (g) 1000
Diameter (mm) 50
Length (mm) 370
Material stick Wood
Non-rebound Yes