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Vibration dampers

In applications involving moving machinery, you always have to deal with vibration. You use (rubber) vibration dampers to ensure that vibrations are not transmitted to surrounding structures. This prevents damage and faults. We offer stops, crane buffers, cylindrical vibration dampers, industrial vibration dampers, machine feet, silent block bushes, vibration absorbing pads and anti-vibration rails.

Note that a machine on some form of vibration damper often moves more violently than a machine without vibration dampers. Always bear this in mind, for example, when connecting the machine to other machines.


You use stops, or crane buffers, to absorb vibration, impacts or knocks in your application. You generally attach stops to the bottom of a pump, fan or other device. This approach means that these machines can still be moved easily and quickly. You choose an appropriate type based on the weight of the equipment, the number of supports and the type of connection to your machine.

Cylindrical vibration dampers

Cylindrical vibration dampers absorb roughly half of the vibration generated by a piece of equipment. These products are inexpensive and easy to fit. You select a suitable cylindrical vibration damper based on the weight of your equipment, the number of supports and the type of connection to your machine. For example, a type A, B or C vibration damper.

Industrial vibration dampers

When you use industrial vibration dampers, you can absorb about 80% of the vibration generated by a piece of equipment. These are high-quality products. You choose a suitable type based on the weight of your equipment, the number of supports, the installation dimensions, the speed and the type of machine.

Machine feet

Machine feet let you stably place your machine. You can also use them if the floor under your equipment is uneven. Our range includes machine feet from TRELLEBORG and PAULSTRA in different sizes.

Silent block bushes

Silent block bushes are used in applications involving oscillating movement (around a pivot point) or high-frequency vibration with a limited amplitude. These products are also noise-deadening to some extent. You choose a suitable type based on the space and the radial forces in your equipment.

Vibration absorbing pads

If the space under your equipment is limited, vibration absorbing pads are a good solution. They minimise the amount of vibration transmitted to surrounding structures, and also work in the other direction. So they also dampen the movement transmitted to the machine by the surrounding structures. These products are also available in different sizes.

Anti-vibration rails

Anti-vibration rails consist of a rubber core with metal on one or both sides. They absorb most of the vibration in your application. You choose a suitable product based on the size and the maximum load.

Ordering vibration dampers at ERIKS

What types of vibration damper does ERIKS offer?

ERIKS offers different types of vibration dampers, such as machine feet, stops and buffers, cylindrical vibration dampers, vibration absorbing mats, industrial vibration dampers, anti-vibration rails and silent block bushes.

What price does ERIKS charge for vibration dampers?

The price of our vibration dampers is shown on the product pages. If the price is not immediately visible, it will be displayed after you have logged in.

What delivery times does ERIKS offer for vibration dampers?

The delivery time for a specific vibration damper is indicated on the page for that product. If you require a product faster, choose a different type that also works in your application.

If you need help finding a good alternative, please contact us via the enquiry form.

Can I order custom vibration dampers?

Are you looking for a vibration damper of a different size, shape, colour or material? Let us help - contact us via the enquiry form.