Attachment post H=750mm Vario partition system

ERIKS item #:     11818790

Catalogue item no 1: 3056.1162

Catalogue item no 2: 3056.1162

EAN:     4330816868669

Manufacturer partnumber: 9266/GRAU7037

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Dividing wall system

•    Price conscious organisation
economical flat lattice structure (C-profile), flat grid mesh 40x40x3.8 mm in 30 mm frame profile.
•    Wide range of applications
can be used in warehouses and factories as a barrier, magazine wall and room divider.
•    Fast and simple assembly
•    solid welded construction with high-quality powder coating.
•    Individual choice of colours
Standard RAL 7037 dust grey. RAL 5002 ultramarine blue, brilliant blue RAL 5007, RAL 5010 gentian blue and RAL 5018 turquoise blue available at no extra cost (please specify when ordering!). Other RAL colours or a hot-dip galvanising for use outdoors are available at extra cost.

•    Fully equipped with lock and knob-latch set
•    Door hinges can be screwed variably.
•    Optionally hinged on right or left, opening inwards or outwards
•    Maximum opening angle 135° inwards, 180° outwards
•    New door leaf design for even more stability

Posts including mounting bracket and sleeve anchor for floor mounting.
End posts made of square tubing (70x40x3 mm) with narrow base plate, mounting plates for elements (one-sided), including screws, dowels.
Centre posts made of square tubing (70x40x3 mm), with wider base and mounting plates for the elements (both sides).
Corner posts made of square tubing (40x40x3 mm), screws at 90° angle.
T posts (70x40x3 mm), with wider base and mounting plates for the elements (both sides) for additional rectangular wall outlets (public address system, etc.).
Wall connection profile as alternative to end posts, U profile, perforated for dowel screws.
Attachment posts for all types of posts.
Standard paint RAL 7037 dust grey.

•    Flexible due to profile frame
•    Various infills possible - including in combination heights
•    Prices and designs on request

All doors complete with knob-latch set, without cylinder!
Vario-corner elements available for flexible use on request.

Product features    

Attribute     Value    
Height (mm) 750
RAL-number 7037
Weight (kg) 5