ECON Worm gearbox fig. 4023 type AB1950N cast iron nodular square according to ISO 46mm mounting flange F16

ERIKS item #:     13423885

Econosto item #: 296121

Product features    

Attribute     Value    
Type of gearbox AB1950N
Housing material Cast iron, nodular
Material quality housing EN-JL1040
Dimensions square or round (mm) 46
Shape insert Square acc. to ISO
Top flange standard ISO 5211
Mounting flange connection F16
Connecting flange pitch circle (mm) 160
Figure number ERIKS groep 4023
Material cover EN-JL1040
Position indicator material PP
Material worm wheel segment 1.0503
Material worm 1.0503
Material worm shaft 1.4305
Degree of protection (IP) 65
Surface protection Polyurethane
Area of application Inside