ECON Worm gearbox fig. 4023 type AB215N cast iron square according to ISO 22mm mounting flange F05/F07

ERIKS item #:     12248259

Econosto item #: 296072

Product features    

Attribute     Value    
Type of gearbox AB215N
Housing material Cast iron
Material quality housing EN-JL1040
Dimensions square or round (mm) 22
Shape insert Square acc. to ISO
Top flange standard ISO 5211
Mounting flange connection F05/F07
Connecting flange pitch circle (mm) 50
Pitch circle connection flange possibility II (mm) 70
Figure number ERIKS groep 4023
Material cover EN-JL1040
Position indicator material PP
Material worm wheel segment 1.0503
Material worm 1.0503
Material worm shaft 1.4305
Degree of protection (IP) 65
Surface protection Polyurethane
Area of application Inside