Zero defect machine

100% reliable delivery for all
your rubber and plastic parts

Imagine what the consequences would be if the seal on your application leaks or if your fully automated assembly system comes to a halt due to a single failed seal. The time and costs involved to resolve the problems this causes (repair, recovery, monitoring, downtime and reporting of a complaint) are often far greater than the cost of checking a seal in advance.

The checks begin when you search for a seal. Due consideration should be taken of the seal's suitability for your specific application. Seals come in many shapes and sizes. and are produced in accordance with fixed guidelines. These guidelines describe the production tolerances. For O-rings, for instance, the requirements are outlined in the following standards:

  1. NEN-ISO 3601-1, tolerances of dimensioning (inner diameter and cross-sections)
  2. NEN-ISO 3601-3, tolerances for film/imperfections

It may be that, during a production process, a seal falls outside the tolerances. As standard, the incoming seals are checked by ERIKS by random sampling. Is this sufficient for your process?

If your application requires seals with specific tolerances and you want to eliminate absolutely all errors from your large batches of O-rings, flat washers, simple form parts, oil seals and small plastic items, ERIKS can optionally check these using the zero-defect machine, also known as the 100% control machine. This allows an item to be checked individually for dimensioning, tolerances, flatness and imperfections such as films or damage. Your items are examined by no fewer than fifteen cameras at high speed. The top, bottom and sides and inside are screened in a flash. As the customer, it is important that you can specify what you want your product to be checked for. This means that only the items that are 100% approved are delivered to you, guaranteeing you 100% suitable deliveries.

The zero-defect machine is suitable for all high-performance applications where the size and/or surface quality of smaller rubber and plastic parts is crucial. The automotive industry is an example of an industry where consistent quality is critical; this is also the case for automated assembly systems where downtime is to be avoided, and also for critical end products such as hydraulic or precision systems, where a faulty seal could have considerable consequences. There is good reason why many customers are already using this test machine — from OEM companies to the automotive industry.

Image: Zero-defect machine

If you are interested in the options available for your application and want to know if your item is suitable for the zero-defect machine, ask for a free quotation by contacting the O-rings department on (072) 514 18 66 or send an email to