ERSA Digital Soldering Station Rds 80

ERIKS item #:     12532313

Catalogue item no 1: 91470080

EAN:     4003008065138

Manufacturer partnumber: 91470080

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Design: Electronic continuously controlled soldering station with nickel-plated, chisel-shaped ERSADUR permanent soldering tip 2.2 mm. The internally heated tip together with the PTC heating element provide excellent efficiency with minimum energy consumption. Furthermore, the soldering iron has a centre-fed PVC connection cable. The high impedance of the compensating bushing connected with the soldering tip on the front of the device ensures structural integrity. In addition to the free choice of temperature within the permissible temperature range, 3 fixed temperatures or 2 fixed temperatures and a standby temperature can be programmed. Moreover, the device has a power bar graph display, a calibration and a power-off function. Furthermore, it offers new tip twist protection and a multifunctional soldering iron stand with cleaning sponge and swivelling sponge container for right and left handed people.
The device has ERSA RESISTRONIC temperature regulation technology in which the PTC heating element takes over the temperature sensor task.

Application: Especially suitable for smaller and medium-sized soldering spots. Due to the large range of soldering tips for this device, a wide range of applications can be processed.