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Deb Stoko Personal Hygiene Products

The leader in mechanical engineering components and technical services, ERIKS has joined forces with DEB - the world leader in occupational skin care and hand hygiene, to bring you the most complete range of personal hygiene products for the workplace.

Suitable for all skin types - normal, dry or stressed, these products offer protection against a wide range of contaminants and can remove heavy dirt, while creating an antimicrobial barrier for your skin.

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Deb hygiene products for skin protection
Skin Protection

Applied on the skin before starting the work, these creams protect against workplace contaminants and irritants and make the skin easier to clean.

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Deb hygiene products for skin cleansing
Skin Cleansing

Available in the form of gels, soaps and lotions, these Deb products are designed to address specific skin cleansing needs and provide different levels of hygiene.

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Deb hygiene products for hand disinfection
Hand Disinfection

Ready to use out of the box and requiring no additional water, these hand disinfection products kill germs and sanitise the skin, maintaining a high hygiene level.

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Deb hygiene products for skin restoration
Skin Restoration

Designed to keep the skin strong, supple and properly hydrated, these nourishing products should be applied after work for restoring the skin's health and softness.

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Dedicated to fighting against occupational skin disorders and infections, and to implementing hand hygiene best practices in all types of workplaces and environments, Deb has been setting the standards in skin care solutions for more than 80 years.

Their comprehensive range of products covers the whole spectrum of skin care needs, being suitable for industrial, education and office environments, as well as for hospitality, food and facility environments.

The Deb Stoko assortment includes four product groups designed to improve skin health and safety, while respecting the environment. These cost-effective products contain efficient formulas that are safe for users and manufactured to the highest standards of quality.

The controlled dosing system used by Deb ensures that every product contains the precise amount of active substance needed to do the work. Supported by safety test data, this range of hygiene products encourages compliance with the best practice standard for skin care.

Designed for ensuring effective skin care and for maintaining a proper level of hygiene, the Deb Stoko personal hygiene products can meet all the skin care requirements of a workplace, from pre-conditioning and protecting the skin to cleansing, disinfecting and restoring the skin's health.

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