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As standard, V-belt pulleys are available in undrilled, pre-drilled or clamping bush variants. The clamping bush variant, also known as a taper or taperlock variant, is always used in combination with the associated clamping bush. The undrilled and pre-drilled variants must first be provided with a bore hole and possibly with a key way and a threaded hole.

The clamping bush variant is equipped as standard with a conical bore and threaded holes for fastening the bush to the shaft. The associated clamping bushes are available with bore holes in various sizes and with a key way in both metric and imperial dimensions. They are supplied together with the appropriate socket head screws and can be found in this online shop under clamping bushes. The major advantages with using a clamping bush lie in the fact that the pulley and shaft do not have to be modified beforehand and that mounting and removal are very easy.

The most common types of V-belt pulleys are SPZ, SPA, SPB and SPC. They are stocked in both standard and clamping bush variants. Of course the corresponding pulleys are also available for the remaining V-belt types. Furthermore, we supply V-belt pulleys to match customer specifications, and in our turning shop we can machine standard pulleys according to customer requests or drawings.

Several factors determine which V-belt type is best suited to a particular drive. These include the application (what is being driven?), the power to be transferred, the desired speed (acceleration or deceleration) as well as the centre-to-centre distance between the pulleys and any possible impact loads. It is also important to know what ambient conditions are present and whether there are any space limitations (what is the maximum permissible diameter and width of the pulleys?).

Depending on the power to be transmitted, several belts can run in parallel on one V-belt drive. Therefore V-belt pulleys are not only available with different pitch circle diameters, but also with multiple grooves. The number of grooves is indicated by the designations simplex, duplex, triplex etc. Pulleys with a diameter of more than 125 mm are statically balanced. On request, the pulleys can be supplied with dynamic balancing to quality class Q 6.3. Dynamic balancing is recommended where the rotational speed is over 30 m/s, or where the diameter/width ratio is below 4 in combination with a rotational speed of over 20 m/s.

V-belt pulleys are mostly made of cast iron (GG) and steel, and are also available in other materials such as aluminium, plastic or stainless steel for specialist applications. Of course, it is also possible to apply a particular surface treatment to the pulleys if the ambient conditions require it.

Common standards for V-belt drives include: DIN 2211, DIN 2217, DIN 7867, ISO 4183, ISO 5290, ISO 1940 and ISO 9981.