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Rubber mouldings

ERIKS offers a wide range of moulded rubber parts. For example, protective caps and push-in covers, buffers and stops, grommets and cable grommets, balls, diaphragms, rubber grips, rubber bellows and suction cups.

Protective caps and push-in covers

You use protective caps and push-in covers to cover/seal the ends of a rod or pipe. This provides protection in your application, or for the area and equipment surrounding your application.

Rubber buffers and stops

You use rubber door stops to cushion the closing force of a door or cover. A rubber stop/machine foot has the same protective function, but you place it under a machine. These products help you prevent damage and extend the life of your application.

Grommets and cable grommets

You use grommets and cable grommets to protect your cables and tubes against damage through contact with sharp edges. Our blind grommets can also be used to seal holes in your application.


You use sponge rubber balls to clean pipes in your application. Valve balls are placed inside valves. When in place, they ensure that the medium flows in one direction. Valve balls with a metal kernel are suitable for heavy-duty applications.


You generally buy diaphragms as a ready-fitted part in a new diaphragm valve or actuator. But what do you do when a diaphragm fails in your application? You simply buy a high-quality replacement from ERIKS.

Rubber grips

Our range includes rubber grips for machinery in a selection of sizes and shapes. You can push them in somewhere, slide them over a bar or tube, screw them on, and so on.

Folding bellows

Rubber folding bellows are used to protect hydraulic cylinders. They protect your application against dust from the outside. So a rubber harmonica bellows increases the service life. Most folding bellows products for machines are made of CR (neoprene). When buying a bellows, you need to know the length and diameter of the area where it connects to the product.

Suction cups

Suction cups are ideal for hanging parts in your application, or for parts you want to move easily. They are available in different colours, shapes and sizes.

Ordering rubber mouldings at ERIKS

What prices does ERIKS charge for the moulded rubber products?

The price of specific rubber mouldings can be found on the product pages. If the price is not immediately visible, it will be displayed after you have logged in.

What delivery time does ERIKS offer for moulded rubber products?

The delivery time for a specific rubber moulding is indicated on the page for that product. If you need faster delivery, choose a different type that also works in your application.

What if you have trouble finding a good alternative? Let us help - contact us via the enquiry form.

Can I order custom rubber mouldings?

Are you looking for a rubber moulding of a different size, shape, colour or material? Or do you need a rubber moulding for a special application, or one that meets specific certification requirements? Please contact us via the enquiry form and we will provide the support you need.