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Grommets and cable grommets

Do the cables in your application run past sharp edges? If so, you need to protect them well. A (rubber) grommet is the best solution. The products in our range of grommets and cable grommets are made from different materials, such as EPDM, CR, SBR and PVC. You can also use rubber cable grommets to cover plastic pipes in your equipment.

When purchasing a rubber (cable) grommet, you need to know the sizes required for your application. The thickness of the plate, the diameter of the hole and the diameter of the cable all determine the size of your cable grommet.

Blind grommets

Our range of rubber grommets also includes blind grommets. You use this product to close off a hole in your application.

Ordering grommets and cable grommets at ERIKS

What prices does ERIKS charge for rubber grommets?

The price of a specific rubber grommet is shown on the product page. If the price is not immediately visible, it will be displayed after you have logged in.

What delivery time does ERIKS offer for grommets and cable grommets?

The delivery time for a specific grommet is indicated on the page for that product. If you need your cable grommet faster, choose a different type that also works in your application.

What if you have trouble finding a good alternative? Let us help - contact us via the enquiry form.

Can I order custom rubber grommets?

Are you looking for a rubber grommet of a different size, shape, colour or material? Or do you need a grommet for a special application, or one that meets specific certification requirements? Please contact us via the enquiry form and we will provide the support you need.