Seals for Sanitary Couplings (39 products containing 752 Items)

Various types of seal are used for fittings in the food and pharmaceutical industries. These seals are often referred to as seals for sanitary fittings. The food and pharmaceutical industries place stringent requirements on seals for hygienic fittings and on the production processes used to manufacture these seals. Sealing rings for dairy couplings and Tri-clamp sealing rings are suitable seals for these industries.

Tri-clamp seals are available in various types and sizes, and the Bio-Hygienix Tri-clamp is one of the best of its kind. Sealing rings for DIN 11851 and DIN 11864 dairy fittings, as well as Tri-clamp sealing rings, can be produced using different materials according to the FDA, 3A and USP. These seals for sanitary fittings are often available from stock.