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FORMAT Steel sheet case

Sheet steel case

Solid design
High-quality steel sheet, fully hammer blow painted in blue, splashproof and weatherproof, inner lining made from special hardboard.
Ideal for everyday use
Easy transportation thanks to extra large carry handles on both sides.
Removable insert
Structured partitioning in the insert for small parts.
Drawing case
Integrated into the cover, perforated.
Available accessories
Padlock, please order separately.

Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Colour: Blue
Length (mm)
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Sheet steel case, 690x360x310mm FORMAT Sheet steel case, 690x360x310mm ERIKS Item #: 23194794

Catalogue item no 1: 73600005

Catalogue item no 2: 7360.0005;23194794

Price (Per piece):
Sheet steel case, 830x440x340mm FORMAT Sheet steel case, 830x440x340mm ERIKS Item #: 23194795

Catalogue item no 1: 73600010

Catalogue item no 2: 7360.0010;23194795

Price (Per piece):
Sheet steel case, 910x530x430mm FORMAT Sheet steel case, 910x530x430mm ERIKS Item #: 23194796

Catalogue item no 1: 73600015

Catalogue item no 2: 7360.0015;23194796

Price (Per piece):
Sheet steel case, 980x360x300mm FORMAT Sheet steel case, 980x360x300mm ERIKS Item #: 23194797

Catalogue item no 1: 73600020

Catalogue item no 2: 7360.0020;23194797

Price (Per piece):
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Colour: Blue
Length (mm)
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