Order lists

If multiple users are registered under your organization’s account, you may want to restrict the product categories or brands they are allowed to order. You can do this in the Order lists page, which enables you to create customized lists of products for each user or group of users.

For example, users who work in the Safety department may be allowed to order only safety products, while those working in the Mechanical engineering department may be allowed to order only from certain brands that you prefer.

On the Order lists page you can create multiple lists and assign users to them, make the lists shared or private, add products via .csv files and download them for offline use. Both the number of items and the number of users can vary per list.

How does it work?

  1. Log into the webshop and click on the My account button in the top menu bar to access your Order lists page. You can also find it via the quick menu on the homepage.

  2. Click on the Create order list button to add a new list, and choose if you want to make it Private and to assign it to All users.

  3. After the list is created, you can add individual users from the ones registered under your organization’s account, and individual products based on their item numbers.

  4. The saved lists can be downloaded as .csv using the Download button.

The Order lists page enables you to create customized lists of products that users in your organization can order, based on their department or role, or on your preferred brands.

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Dear visitor,

How is ERIKS handling the recent developments regarding COVID-19?
The new coronavirus is currently expanding. ERIKS has taken all necessary precautions to protect its employees. The shipment of products ordered on our webshop proceeds as usual.

Which measures has ERIKS taken?

  • ERIKS employees practise the current hygiene instructions as set by the RIVM (including social distancing of 1.5m);
  • All employees essentially work from home, excepting our Logistics department;
  • Picking up your orders from ERIKS locations is no longer possible.

Impact on delivery
Currently the spread of COVID-19 is not affecting the delivery performance of ERIKS. Orders are both handled and shipped normally*. We keep in close contact with suppliers who have production sites in areas struck by COVID-19. When necessary, we will seek alternatives to guarantee our deliveries as well as possible. Generally speaking, our stock is sufficient. However, because the situation in the affected areas can change at any moment the status regarding our delivery remains a snapshot of the current situation.

** Exceptions to this are facemasks, overalls, disinfectants and related hygiene products. Unfortunately, due to a worldwide shortage these products are currently unavailable.

The ERIKS Webshop-team