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Articles about pumps and valves

Looking for a pump, valve or compressor for the workplace? Read our articles and learn how to select the proper machine for your application and how to maintain your equipment.

Tips & Tricks for the circulator pump

Regularly I visit boiler rooms for clients where I am surprised at the incorrect installations that I find there. Because I occasionally encounter common errors, I would like to give you a couple of Tips & Tricks on circulator pumps.

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Which materials are in my diaphragm pump?

When replacing parts, the best reference point for selecting the right materials would be the fluid that is being circulated. Sometimes this info is not available or clients are very satisfied with the materials that they are currently using.

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The optimal temperature for centrifugal pumps

Often, people would like to circulate fluids with a high temperature using a centrifugal pump in industrial applications. Typically, the maximum temperature that a centrifugal can handle is around 120C. So what is the optimal temperature for this pump?

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Optimising pump systems:
Tips and tricks

Optimising pump systems: Tips and tricks

Various engineering consultancies and manufacturers have analysed pump installations. Their analysis has shown that there is a range of possible improvements that could result in energy consumption being reduced by 70%.

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Case study: Pump saves water company 260.000 kWh

Pumps often consume an unnecessarily large amount of energy and show signs of wear. In collaboration with Grundfos, ERIKS helped a drinking water supplier save some 260,000 kWh by replacing one of its pumps.

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Complete solution for your pump system

ERIKS has more than 75 years of experience with mechanical engineering components such as valves, seals, power transmission and measuring and control engineering. All of these are found in, on or around pumps. By combining many years of knowledge and experience with our pump expertise, we can advise you about the most complex installations.

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Frequent Product Questions

In this section, we address the most frequent questions about our products, to help you find answers and solutions to your challenges easier. Please read the Product FAQs and if you cannot find the answer you were looking for, contact our Product specialists.