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Rotary shaft seals

You need to use the right seals to ensure that your rotary shafts function optimally. Doing so prevents media leaks and extends the life of your system. ERIKS offers oil seals, fabric-reinforced oil seals, cassette seals, PTFE lip seals and V-rings and en alpha seals, along with shaft repair sleeves and end caps.

Oil seals

Of all the types of rotary shaft seals, oil seals are the most familiar. Contrary to what the name suggests, oil seals are also used in applications involving a medium other than oil. Virtually all the products in this category are made to a standardised design according to DIN 3760. You can purchase them with or without a dust lip. In addition, they always include a sealing lip (made of NBR, FKM, EPDM or VMQ), an outer jacket (made of metal or rubber) and a metal insert.

Fabric-reinforced oil seals

A standard oil seal is sometimes not up to the job in heavy-duty industrial applications. In this case, you choose a robust fabric-reinforced oil seal. This seal consists of a rubber sealing lip and a rubber outer jacket that incorporates a fabric reinforcement (often cotton). Because of this, the properties and dimensions of fabric-reinforced oil seals differ from those of standard oil seals. Mounting is trickier because you have to clamp these products in a special groove with a cover plate. If you want to purchase a fabric-reinforced oil seal, you can choose between an NBR/fabric combination or an FKM/fabric combination.

Cassette seals

Cassette seals are used primarily as shaft seals in situations where the bearing and shaft are exposed to extreme contamination. Such as the wheel axles of tractors, agricultural vehicles or construction vehicles. The numerous sealing lips in cassette seals provide protection from external influences in applications of this type. ERIKS offers three different designs of cassette seal. The lip material is often NBR or FKM. The spring is carbon steel.

PTFE lip seals

PTFE lip seals are identical to oil seals in terms of their design and function, but made from a different material. These products feature a metal housing containing a lip made of PTFE (plastic). So these seals are more resistant to high temperatures and high rotational speeds. Furthermore, PTFE lip seals are often self-lubricating, meaning that you can use them in dry-running applications. They are in widespread use in the food industry because they have the appropriate certificates.

V-rings and Alpha seals

V-rings and alpha seals are often used in combination with a oil seal. They provide additional protection against dust and dirt. V-rings and alpha seals are always made of rubber, such as NBR, FKM, EPDM and CR. Alpha seals additionally feature a housing made of stainless steel or another type of metal. These products are therefore suitable for preventing the ingress of heavy, sharp or abrasive forms of contamination. V-rings with a slanted rear face are taller and wider than V-rings with an upright rear face. As a result, the area of contact with the shaft is larger and the seal is less likely to come loose.

Shaft repair sleeves

If the shaft in your application is excessively worn, and overhauling the shaft is not economically feasible in view of the value of the equipment, fitting a shaft repair sleeve is a possible solution. This allows you to restore the shaft quickly and inexpensively. The repair sleeve slides over the existing shaft, replacing the worn running surface and restoring the shaft's ability to function as a sealing interface. In most cases, you can fit the shaft repair sleeve without having to disassemble the old shaft, which saves you time and money. No special assembly tools are required. Most of the shaft repair sleeves in our range are offered under the Eri-sleeve brand.

End caps

A gearbox generally contains several shafts. If you want to reassemble or service a gearbox, you need to be able to remove these shafts from the gearbox and reinsert them later on. Removal of the shafts leaves open holes in the casing. You can seal these holes quickly and easily with end caps. When you want to put the shafts back in the gearbox, you simply remove these end caps again. ERIKS offers two different types of end cap, specifically EC and ECMR. They are a combination of steel with a rubber material, such as FKM or NBR.

Ordering rotary shaft seals at ERIKS

Which rotary shaft seals does ERIKS offer?

ERIKS offers oil seals, fabric-reinforced oil seals, cassette seals, PTFE lip seals, V-rings and alpha seals, shaft repair sleeves and end caps.

What prices does ERIKS charge for the rotary shaft seals?

The price of our seals that fit tightly to and rotate with a shaft is shown on the product pages. If the price is not immediately visible, it will be displayed after you have logged in.

What delivery times does ERIKS offer for rotary shaft seals?

The delivery time for a specific rotary shaft seal is indicated on the page for that product. If you require a product faster, choose a different material that also works in your application.

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Can I order custom rotary shaft seals?

Are you looking for a shaft seal of a different size, shape, colour or material? Let us help - contact us via the enquiry form.