SKF Food Line ball bearing units Blue range

SKF Food Line ball bearing units

With their new line of food-safe, completely sealable and relubrication-free ball bearing units, SKF is raising the bar for the entire food and beverage industry.

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Advantages of the new SKF Food Line

With food recalls on the rise and safety regulations becoming stricter globally, proactive food safety programs have become the norm. As a result, companies strive to incorporate the latest advancements in hygienic design into all the assets used in food processing.

SKF’s latest innovation for the food and beverage industry is a completely sealable, food-safe bearing unit that is corrosion-resistant and relubrication-free. The unit includes a revolutionary bearing sealing system that helps achieve high levels of protection, increased bearing life and performance, low energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs.

A food line designed for improved hygiene

The new SKF ball bearing units offer a complete range of solutions for demanding processing and cleaning environments and are developed to comply with strict food safety regulations, reducing risks to food safety to a minimum. Specially developed to help eliminate contaminants and to reduce the spread of bacteria, these bearing units solve many of the problems connected with traditional maintenance.

The units have hygienic housings that are fully sealable, preventing the ingress of contaminants and ensuring high cleanability. Each component of the SKF Food Line is designed from ground up for improved hygiene and compliance with food safety regulations. The angled surfaces and smooth finish improve hygiene at washdowns, while the fully-sealable, relubrication-free design eliminates excess grease accumulation and protects products from accidental contamination.

Hygienic design of housings

Option of complete sealability from the back and end covers at the front to prevent ingress of contaminants

Innovative sealing system

Internal gutters that guide the detergent away from the bearing, to achieve high levels of protection

Relubrication-free technology

Increased bearing life and low energy consumption

Food-grade and optically detectable components

Food-grade grease which is NSF H1 registered, Halal and Kosher approved and allergen free

Increased reliability, performance and uptime

The SKF Food Line ball bearing units are specifically developed to support food safety programs and to ensure high performance and uptime. The relubrication-free technology reduces the downtime for maintenance and cleaning and cuts the costs for re-greasing. At the same time, the patented sealing system ensures an extended bearing life and high reliability.

The internal gutters guide the detergent away from the bearing, to achieve high levels of protection. This increases the bearing life and leads to a lower energy consumption, ensuring a cost-efficient operation.

The Blue Range units can be supplied as open units, or completely sealed units with end cover and back seal. The units are corrosion resistant, made with ANSI-grade 420 stainless steel inner and outer rings and balls, and stainless steel flingers. The bolt hole liners are also made of stainless steel. All together, these design features mean 33% percent faster cleaning of the open units and therefore more efficient operations.

Reduced maintenance and costs

This new line of bearing units for the food industry is designed for relubrication-free operation and increased performance in harsh environments. The bearings are engineered to reduce maintenance costs and related expenses in a variety of ways.

Reduce maintenance costs

Relubrication-free design, resulting in labour and lubricant cost savings. Increased bearing service life, requiring less often replacement.

Reduce downtime costs

Planned downtime can be avoided and production optimized. Unplanned downtime can be reduced by avoiding incidents and bearing service faults.

Reduce environmental costs

Water savings: 33% less water required for cleaning excess grease. Reduced waste and lower costs for purchasing and disposing of grease absorbents.

Sustainable culture and environmental benefits

The SKF Food Line - Blue Range fosters a sustainable culture, being designed to protect the environment by preventing contamination, reducing waste and disposal, decreasing water and energy consumption, and promoting recycling. By using these units, you will benefit from 0% landfill, 41% of energy recovered and 59% of product recyclable.

These relubrication-free units have a hygienic design and can withstand frequent washdowns. Given that they are completely sealable, they need 33% less hot water for cleaning compared to open units. Also, these food line bearings reduce CO2 emissions through less energy consumption to power the bearings and lower frequency of replacement.

Available ranges

Blue range - with blue polypropylene composite housings

Completely sealed units for increased food safety (designation DfH)

Open units for zones with limited risk of contamination

Stainless steel range - with stainless steel made housings

For applications with shock loads

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